How it works

How it works hero

The agriculture industry is transforming rapidly thanks to innovations allowing us to gather information at a speed and accuracy that was unthinkable before. Data sources and crop analysis opportunities thanks to deep learning and computer vision were developed rapidly in the last decade.

With the purpose of allowing farmers to catch up with the trends, we have prepared a user-friendly and simple platform so they can optimize their work based on data-driven decisions.

Let us introduce you to Cultiwise! World's first platform allowing you to react to the ever-changing situation in your fields just in time. Join the revolution in agriculture.

Because sometimes, less is more.

Data sources



Satellite systems provide a historical series of periodic imagery, allowing us to analyze long-term changes in agricultural fields. Thus the resulting map of yield potential and production zones can then serve as a basis for variable rate application of fertilizers and further agrochemical interventions.

Plane and drone


Drones can obtain faster and more detailed imagery than satellites for more timely assessment to provide immediate feedback to the farmer to take action. The higher spatial resolution does not just look better. Algorithms can segment for more accurate and sensitive results from drone data, where individual plants can be segmented for analysis. Cultiwise uses sophisticated computer vision, data science, and deep learning algorithms to effectively monitor fields and offers the solution for high precision aerial surveillance imagery to increase the efficiency of agronomical interventions and thus achieve sustainable agriculture.


IoT meteostation

Cooperation between SkyMaps and BARANIDESIGN is specialized in precise and reliable atmospheric measurements with connection to agriculture. Research & Development focuses on achieving long-term stability of temperature, humidity, and wind measurement for calculation infection risks and impacts. Sensors are designed for ease of use and interchangeability for on-site service.

How it works brain

The “brain” of Cultiwise

The “brain” of Cultiwise uses AI models powered by machine learning and computer vision algorithms to detect weeds, diseases, and other crop issues. By grasping the possibilities of aerial imagery and spectroscopy Cultiwise prepares a prescription map, according to which the sprayer carries out the application using the optimum amount of pesticides or fertilizers. This is saving money for the farmers and helps our environment too!

Sugar beet

Cirsium arvense

The Platform

Generate a map that will show you the zones you need to focus on. And use pesticides or fertilizers only where it’s needed and exactly how much is needed. The application map is generated directly for your type of machinery.

Platform on tablet

Applications and saving potential

  • Variable rate fertilizing

    Yield potential and production zone maps

  • Targeted Non-selective herbicide application

    Identification of weeds for targeted application of glyphosate.

  • Targeted Selective herbicide application

    Identification of weeds for targeted application of selective herbicides.

  • Crop coverage mapping

    Coverage mapping to optimize management decisions.

  • Crop condition variability mapping

    Monitoring of crop biomass and health conditions in order to optimize management decisions.

  • Variable rate seeding

    Reduce input costs in areas of low productivity and increase yields in areas of high productivity.

  • Corn
  • Oilseed rape
    oilseed rape
  • Soybean
  • Cereals
  • Vegetables
  • Sugarbeet
  • Sunflower
    sunflower and many more…

Variable rate desiccation

Classification of crop maturity for targeted application of desiccants.

Oilseed rape
oilseed rape

Plant population desiccation

Plant counting to evaluate crop emergence and density.


Variable rate growth regulator application

Classification of crop maturity for targeted application of growth regulators.

Oilseed rape
oilseed rape

Demo farm

Potential savings

Cultiwise was implemented on several sites on a demo farm to verify the potential gains. With more efficient, variable application of pesticides we reached 28% - 71% savings, achieving same treatment efficacy than with conventional homogeneous spraying. This is a significant difference when taking into account the environmental and economic aspects.

Trial field

Applied products: herbicides, fungicides, piant growth regulators

No. of fields:


No. of applications:


Area sprayed:

514 hectares

Total costs would be without Cultiwise

14.603 €

Total savings:

7 065 €

Total savings

Total saving pie chart

Farm size

4600 hectares


Potential savings per season (in case of 5 applications)

241 500 €