About CultiWise

Our Story

CultiWise is a pioneering cloud-based software crafted with precision by company Skymaps s.r.o., based in Brno, Czech Republic.

Our journey began in 2016 when a group of university classmates, driven by passion and a vision for the future of agriculture, joined forces to create what has now become a trendsetter in the AgTech industry. Born from a classic deep tech startup culture, we have relentlessly pursued excellence and innovation.

Fast forward to the present, CultiWise stands as a testament to the evolution of agricultural practices. We specialize in targeted and variable rate application of crop protection products, transforming how farmers cultivate and harvest their crops worldwide. Our software is more than just a tool. It is a companion to agronomists and producers globally, guiding them toward substantial cost savings and significantly higher yields.

At CultiWise, we proudly serve the global farming community, offering solutions as diverse as the landscapes we operate in. Join us on our mission to cultivate the use of technologies in farming, and together, let’s harvest a brighter future.


The Team

Viktor Setnický

Chief Executive Officer


+ 420 723 757 233

Kornél Czíria

Chief Technology Officer


+ 420 723 747 518

Martin Kapšo

Chief Commercial Officer


+ 421 948 895 480

Dan Hamann

Business Development


+45 40 94 87 48

Claus Kjeldsen

Business Development


+45 28 25 31 01

Mikael Andersen

Product Specialist


+45 30 80 69 34

Adam Drozd

Sales Manager


+ 421 948 937 503

Martin Setnický

Technical Manager


+ 421 915 539 148

Michal Kormaňák

Customer Support


+ 421 947 966 096

Matej Kofira

Customer Support


+ 421 949 017 603

Lóránt Oroszlány

Software Architect

Michal Dolník

Software Architect

Richard Greň

Software Developer

Kristián Kostecký

Software Developer

Filip Pružinec

Software Developer

Samuel Baránek

GIS Analyst

Branislav Čecho

GIS Analyst

Miroslava Dörrerová

GIS Analyst

Adrián Mališ

Technician Operator

Igor Hovorič

Technician Operator

Rudolf Dobrotka

Technician Operator

Ján Mucha

Machine Learning Lead

Zoltán Galáž

Machine Learning Developer

Martin Rajnoha

Machine Learning Developer

Matej Lupták

QA, Tester

Juraj Chmura

UI/UX Designer

Marianna Kubová

Graphic Designer

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