Potatoes and Variable Rate Applications.
A Perfect Match!

Optimizing Potato Cultivation: CultiWise’s Precision in Wide Rows

Potatoes, a staple crop with a broad spectrum of uses from food to starch production, play an integral role in global agriculture. Being seeded in wide rows, CultiWise capitalizes on this planting pattern. The wide row spacing is important from the CultiWise perspective as it facilitates easier detection from a drone’s aerial view, making it ideal for variable rate applications based on remote sensing.

Spot Spraying in Potatoes with CultiWise

CultiWise harnesses satellite data alongside soil sampling to revolutionize potato fertilization. We supply farmers with variable-rate nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, lime fertilization maps and refined VRA seeding plans based on soil analysis findings. Our high-resolution satellite imagery directs our algorithms to guarantee that every potato plant is nourished for peak growth. Potato also presents the opportunity for variable rate desiccation using CultiWise Premium satellites or even more detailed Drone imagery.

CultiWise AI: Elevating Potatoes Farming

Drones equipped with RGB and Multispectral cameras can be deployed throughout the potato’s growth cycle. Integrating this data with our sophisticated algorithms results in cost savings, healthier plants, and higher yields. Our system is exceptionally beneficial for potato, enabling precise applications of herbicides, foliar fertilizers, desiccation treatments or plant counting as needed, based on CultiWise Premium Satellite or drone imagery for even more accurate results. 

Significant chemical reduction

CultiWise’s approach has profoundly impacted crop protection use in potato cultivation. Our spot-spraying technique has led to a 38% reduction in overall herbicide usage (based on previous results average) in the growing season. In targeted post-emergence treatments, herbicide use drops by more than 90% in some specific scenarios. But our technology goes beyond herbicide management; it’s also used for plant counting through drone data, which is crucial for verifying germination rate and row gaps.

Implementing CultiWise marks a step towards more advanced and sustainable potato farming practices. By minimizing broadcast herbicide applications, we contribute to a future of agriculture that is both environmentally friendly and more cost-effective for farmers. Our solutions are effective in complex agricultural scenarios, consistently delivering better results through variable rates and targeted applications.

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