Corn and Variable Rate Applications.
A Perfect Match!

Optimizing Corn Cultivation: A CultiWise Approach

Corn is one of the world’s most cultivated crops, feeding millions and serving as a key ingredient in countless products. Unlike some other grains, corn is planted in wide rows, which gives each plant enough room to flourish, ensuring it receives sufficient sunlight and nutrients. The wide row spacing is equally important from the CultiWise perspective as it facilitates easier detection from a drone’s aerial view, making it ideal for variable rate applications based on remote sensing. 

Precision Nutrient Management for Corn with CultiWise

CultiWise uses satellite data and soil sampling to improve fertilizer allocation in corn. Our technology precisely manages the distribution of nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and lime. CultiWise also optimizes seeding rates based on detailed satellite imagery and soil analysis results. With our data-driven approach, each corn plant gets exactly what it needs to thrive.

Elevating Precision Farming: Drones’ Role in Crop Management

Drones become integral to our precision farming toolkit during the growing season. A drone equipped with RGB and Multispectral cameras provides crucial data that enables farmers to apply spot treatments and adjust rates of inputs like herbicides, plant growth regulators, fungicides, etc. By integrating drone data into our algorithms, CultiWise ensures reduced crop protection costs, enhanced plant health, and increased yield.

Significant chemical reduction

CultiWise data-driven approach leads to significant chemical reduction. Our spot-spraying technology cuts total herbicide usage in the corn by 42.5% (based on previous results average). Farmers achieve more than 90% reductions in specific scenarios in the post-emergent applications. Precise herbicide spraying, targeting only the weed spots on the field, not only lowers costs but also unlocks the full potential of the corn crop.

The implementation of CultiWise is a shift toward more innovative, sustainable farming. By reducing the dependence on broadcast herbicide applications, we’re leading the way for an agricultural future that is less harmful to the environment and more economically beneficial for the farmers. The benefits of our system are most evident in complex farming scenarios, where our variable rate and targeted prescription map consistently deliver superior results.

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