Sugar beet and Variable Rate Applications:
A Perfect Match

Optimizing Sugar Beet Cultivation: Wide Rows for Enhanced Growth and Precision Farming

Sugar beet is a high-value crop, playing a significant role in agriculture, notably for sugar production. It benefits significantly from being sown in wide rows, allowing maximum growth, with each plant getting enough nutrients and light. The wide row spacing is equally important from the CultiWise perspective as it facilitates easier detection from a drone’s aerial view, making it ideal for variable rate applications based on remote sensing. 

Precision Sugar Beet Fertilization with CultiWise Satellite Data

CultiWise leverages satellite data coupled with soil sampling to advance sugar beet fertilization. We deliver variable-rate nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and lime fertilization maps and refine VRA seeding strategies. Detailed satellite imagery and soil analysis results guide our algorithms, ensuring each sugar beet plant receives the nutrients it needs for optimal growth.
Satellite data are also the source of information for the variable-rate fungicide applications in sugar beet.


Boosting Sugar Beet Yield: CultiWise’s Drone Technology and AI

Drones equipped with RGB and Multispectral cameras are used throughout the sugar beet’s life cycle. By merging this data with our advanced algorithms, CultiWise reduces costs, increases plant health, and improves yields.

Significant chemical reduction

CultiWise’s approach has profoundly impacted crop protection use in sugar beet cultivation. Our spot-spraying technique has led to a 47% reduction in overall herbicide usage (based on previous results average) in the growing season. In targeted post-emergence treatments, herbicide use drops by more than 90% in some specific scenarios. But our technology goes beyond herbicide management; it’s also used for plant counting through drone data, which is crucial for verifying germination rate and making decisions about re-seeding.

Adopting CultiWise signifies a shift toward more innovative and sustainable sugar beet farming. By decreasing the reliance on broadcast herbicide spraying, we’re creating an agricultural future that protects the environment while boosting farmers’ profitability. Our technology is especially advantageous in the sugar beet, as it opens up new possibilities for further herbicide treatments. 

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