Thistle Weed detection in Corn & Targeted post-emergent Herbicide application




Cirsium Arvense




Agrifac Condor

volume saving


financial saving

37 €/ha (2023)


Location: Czech Republic
Sprayer section control: 1 m sections
Field size: 12,92 ha
Area treated: 6,23 ha
Volume saving: 51,79 %
Financial saving: 37 €/ha

Used CultiWise Tool:

Spot-spray (Green on Green)

59,78% herbicide saving achieved

At the 2 leaf stage of corn, we engaged in targeted management of the pervasive weed, Cirsium Arvense—commonly known as Thistle. This perennial Thistle is notoriously causing problems in crop production, often needing strategic agronomic interventions.

A UAV survey was conducted, lasting precisely, to map Cirsium Arvense’s infestation within the cornfield. The high-resolution data captured was integral to identifying and quantifying the weed pressure and was quickly processed through the CultiWise platform.

Using the ‘Green on Green’ feature of CultiWise, we generated an application prescription map for an Agrifac sprayer equipped with a 1-meter section control. This precision applicator was then deployed to administer herbicides selectively, targeting only the zones confirmed to have Cirsium Arvense presence.

The prescription map showed the sprayer operator the precise volume of herbicide mix required, which optimized the sprayer’s tank capacity and ensured that no excess chemical was applied. Thanks to this application, farmer achieved a significant 51.79% reduction in herbicide usage.

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